Our Story

The Shreedhar Group has created a silent legacy in Gujarat and preserved its construction projects to a motto of quality over quality. With 25 Years of dedication in construction experience, it all started with Rajesh Shah (Vasanwala) and his team. They started with their first residential project called “Shrushti” following which they’ve ventured out into world-class residences and office projects.

Decades of Experience
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The Shreedhar Group has never believed in building multiple projects simultaneously. The patient vision of Rajesh Shah (Vasanwala) and his team has believed in a focused and attentive approach on projects creating a constant wave of quality completed projects.

 Projects by Shreedhar Group

The philosophy behind projects by Shreedhar Group has always remained to touch the canons of quality. In order to achieve unmatchable benchmarks, Shreedhar Group has sacrificed its potential of churning out back to back projects and has invested its resources and time into single projects to perfect their art to serve some of the best properties of Gujarat like the ongoing Stonebrook Villas and the Sears and Sears 2 Towers. Shreedhar Group has always felt proud of its philosophy as it has worked in its favor of earning trust, integrity and reliability amongst the people of Gujarat.