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According to IBEF, India is estimated to become a US$ 1 Trillion Real Estate Sector by 2030.
Real Estate of India attracted US$ 14 Billion from Foreign Private Equity alone (2015-19)
Inspite of sector’s struggles in 2020, the Real Estate market quickly adjusted to digitization, and the market rates still rose by 6% QoQ in December 2020.

 Gujarat - The Industrial Crown Jewel of India

Out of the 7.3 Percent Contribution that Gujarat contributes to the National GDP of India, 45% comes from the Industrial Sector.

To further strengthen the manufacturing industries of Gujarat, India has introduced the Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 which will further push those numbers significantly.

Purchasing property in a State dependent on industries means real estate is a volatile market. You are surrounded by riches who are constantly buying and selling real estate property. Money experiences quicker rotation around the people of the state and benefiting everyone.

 Vadodara - The Big Lil' City

Vadodara is the Low hanging fruit for Real Estate investors across the world!

Unlike the metropolitan capital city of Ahmedabad which is considered one of the best cities to invest in Gujarat, several real estate brokers feel the Big Lil City of Vadodara is even better!

Currently in its lightening fast real estate developing phase, Vadodara has seen over 100 new real estate projects in 2020 alone.

Inspite of its rapid growth and well-developed urbans, the new developing sub-urbans are not that far.

Vadodara as per the latest Census by VMC is only 149 sq. kms which gives you an easy access across the city in no noticeable time. 

This Big Lil’s City is sandwiched between the biggest industrial cities of Gujarat i.e. Ahmedabad and Surat which makes access to both cities very convenient for business purposes.

Why Shreedhar?

Shreedhar Group believes in select projects. In a span of over 25 Years, the Shreedhar Group inspite of having resources has always cared and driven all its focus on one project.

Creating some of the most iconic landmark buildings of Vadodara like the Ginger Plaza Hotel, the Shreedhar Group have created only 18 such marvels.

The Shreedhar Group takes pride in their every project and the people of Vadodara have always recognized their projects as special to the city.

The Shreedhar Group is a reputable name in Vadodara and has lived upto its name with their 2021 projects

Sears 2 (Iconic Offices) and Stonebrook Villas (Ultra Luxurious Villas)

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